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Guide to Bar Stool Styles and Features

Bar stools are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used in nearly any room, from the kitchen to the patio to the dining room. We take a look at the most popular bar stool styles and some common features. 

Bar Stool Styles



Featuring ornate details, like carvings and curved legs, traditional bar stools are generally made of dark wood. Traditional bar stools can give a formal feeling to a space.



Sleek lines and metal are staples in modern and contemporary bar stool design. The seats are usually made from molded wood or plastic. 



Clean lines with a touch of detail define the transitional style. Transitional bar stools will work with nearly any home decor.



Country and rustic bar stools often feature chipped paint, distressed wood, and wicker for a casual feeling. A two-tone finish, with the seat one color and the legs and back another color, is common in country and rustic bar stools.

Barstool Features

  • Arm options. For a more formal look, bar stools can come with arms. 
  • Adjustable height. Some bar stools come with a hydraulic pump that allows you to adjust the seat up or down. 
  • Back options. Bar stools come with three main back options: backless, a normal chair-like tall back, or with a low back. 
  • Swivel. The swivel function allows the seated person to turn from side to side without moving the chair base. 
  • Upholstered seat. Choosing a bar stool with or without an upholstered seat is a personal choice that can be based on comfort or design preferences.