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Grill Size and Configuration Guide

grill guide

How to Choose the Right Size Grill



  • Measure the space you have available before you start shopping around. Extra attachments, like side burners and smokers, take up more space. 

What kind of cooking will you be doing?

  • For smaller items like chicken and veggies, any size grill will work. But if you're planning on cooking larger items like ribs or brisket, you will need a larger grill space or smoker. 

How many people will you be serving?

  • If you have a large family or plan on doing a lot of entertaining, consider buying a larger grill. 

Consider portability

  • Smaller grills are easier to take camping, tailgating, or to the park.
Take care when deciding where you will place your grill. Heat can harm the side of your home, especially if it's made of vinyl siding.

Grill Configurations

  • On Cart. The majority of grills come ?on cart? which means they have wheels and are easy to move around. The cart can have four legs or it can look like a cabinet.
  • Tabletop. These are smaller, portable models that can sit on the top of a table.
  • Built-in. For a custom grilling space, some more expensive models can be built into an outdoor island or cabinet.
  • On Post. These grills are held up by one post, much like a pedestal table. They're not as easy to move as tabletop and on cart grills.

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