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Choosing Fixtures for a Small Bath

Renovating a small bathroom does come with its perks—a smaller space means a lower cost spent on materials in your budget. But when it comes to fixtures, finding the right size and type can be crucial to making everything work in your small space.
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Towel Bars

Most towel bars start at 23 inches wide and can go up from there, however small bathrooms would usually be better served with a shorter bar. Look for towel bars that are 7 to 17 inches in width, which can accommodate about one average size bath towel. If wall space is limited, maximize the towel bar by placing a hand towel on top of your bath towel instead of installing a separate bar. Double towel bars or swing arm bars are good options if you have a small width to work with, but need to hang more than one towel.  

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Replace a bulky three-piece faucet set with a streamlined single lever faucet. They offer more counter and sink space and come in a variety of styles so you can customize your bathroom. The same goes for shower and tub faucets, which offer the most usable space when the fixtures are simple and minimal. However, if a small bathroom is all you have, a handheld shower head offers the most versatility for all bathing needs. To install a single handle faucet in a sink with three holes, it may require escutcheon plates to conceal excess holes.

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Limited space doesn't have to mean lackluster light fixtures. Create a sense of style in your bathroom with the appropriate size and placement of lighting based on how much space you have. If there is more wall space next to the vanity, place two petite wall sconces on either side for a flattering form of lighting. If wall space in general is cramped, install one swing arm lamp above the vanity or hang a mini pendant from the ceiling.

Measure twice, order once! Always measure your space and any existing fixtures you plan on replacing before you order.

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Vanity Mirror

Medicine cabinets offer the best option for a small bathroom vanity space. As both a mirror and storage unit, a medicine cabinet offers the best of both worlds. Choose a standard mirror medicine cabinet or create a more custom look with a framed mirror cabinet.

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Wall hung sinks and pedestal sinks provide the most compact options for an ultra-small bathroom. Look for a more rectangular shape to minimize the sink's footprint in your bathroom, or simply search for vanity sink sets that are under 22" inches to fit your space.

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Vanity Base

For the most compact choice, stick with a single vanity. A variety of vanities come in super small options that are less than 20" inches wide. If you need a vanity that's not as deep, look for a more rectangular shape with a longer width. The smallest double vanities typically start at 31" inches and go up from there. Aside from double and single options, there are also corner vanities to fit a custom space.

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Storage Options

Small bathrooms often require a bit of creativity when it comes to storage. There are several storage options to consider for a more practical space. 

For more on decorating and organizing a small bathroom, see our Small Bathroom Solutions!

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