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Chandelier Styles Guide

chandelier styles guide
Whether you're hanging a chandelier in your entryway, dining room, or an unexpected place, like a bathroom, a chandelier adds drama and personality. Though pendant lights and chandeliers can be made of the same materials and look similar, the lights on a chandelier hang in a branched system while the lights of a pendant are hung from one cord or chain. Below we break down the main styles of chandeliers.


The more tiers a chandelier has, the bigger it will be. Tiered chandeliers can take on any style, from traditional to modern to rustic. 



Characterized by ornate detailing, such as scrolling and filigree, and fine materials, traditional chandeliers add formality to a room.



Especially when made out of real crystals, crystal chandeliers can be pricey investments. These lights have a glamorous, traditional look that's sure to be eye-catching. Light reflects off each individual crystal, creating romantic and enchanting lighting in any room.



This type of chandelier can often resemble a pendant light. A drum chandelier is a chandelier that features one or multiple lampshades. The lampshades can surround the entire lamp (as pictured) or surround each light.



Right in between contemporary/modern and traditional is where transitional chandeliers live. These chandeliers have a touch of modern sleekness combined with the ornate designs and shapes found in traditional chandeliers. Transitional chandeliers are the most adaptable, fitting nearly every interior design style.



Common motifs of rustic chandeliers are branches, animal horns, plants, and distressed materials. These chandeliers add a casual touch to décor.



Petite versions of grand-scaled chandeliers, mini chandeliers make a big statement without taking up much space. These small lights are great for bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, and closets.



Clean lines and sleek designs define contemporary/modern style chandeliers. These chandeliers often have very little detailing. Sometimes contemporary/modern chandeliers can have futuristic shapes and designs. 

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