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Buying a Baby Safety Gate

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Safety gates are one of the main features to consider when it comes to childproofing your home. Use a safety gate to keep infants, children, and pets contained in certain areas and to protect them from dangerous spots or stairways. Available in a variety of sizes and features, safety gates can work in almost any room or space. We break down the two main types of safety gates below, as well as dimensions and features to help you decide on the best gate (or gates) for your home and family. 
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Pressure Mounting

Pressure-mounted gates are secured between two walls and require no hardware to install. This makes them easy to move around and set up, plus they can adjust to varying widths. They are perfect for moving to different rooms in the house or for traveling, however they should not be used at the top of the stairs or near any steps for safety and stability reasons. 

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Hardware Mounting

Permanent or hardware-mounted gates are the most stable and secure type of safety gate. Safe for installing at the top of stairs, these gates are ideal for separating rooms that are at different levels and protecting infants from areas with steps and stairs. 

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    Placement and Dimensions

    Consider the layout and placement of doorways and steps in your home when buying a baby gate. If you need flexibility in terms of width, look for an adjustable gate. Most safety gates come in a range of sizes, but generally run from 29 to 45 inches wide and 30 inches tall. Look for extra-wide or extra-tall gates if your child is tall or you need to cover a wide room span. 

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      Swinging Door: Consider a swinging door feature for your safety gate for high-traffic areas where it's difficult to step over. 

      Extensions: Look for a gate with extensions for added flexibility and use throughout your home. 

      Auto Close: Auto-close functions are great for ensuring the gate door is secure—especially when your hands are full!

      Auto Lock: Usually found in conjunction with the auto-close function, auto-lock locks the door in place to make sure it's secure. 

      Retractable: These gates typically feature one large screen instead of slats that can be retracted for a seamless look when not in use. 

      Freestanding: These are a great option for creating a flexible play area in any room. 

      Always check current safety standards and product recalls before purchasing a gate—especially when considering a second-hand or used baby gate. 

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