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Benches are some of the most versatile furniture pieces for the home. Commonly used for extra seating or as a decorative accent, benches can be utilized in nearly every space—from the entryway to the bedroom to the living room—as storage, a coffee table, or for a hint of color. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, finding a bench that best fits your needs and décor depends on the purpose it will serve. We've compiled a list of the most common types of benches that will fit into any space, no matter how you decide to use them.

Storage Benches

Doubling as additional storage space and a comfortable place to sit, storage benches are versatile accent pieces. Accessible in a range of sizes and styles, storage benches are utilized best in an entryway, family room, or bedroom. If you want to completely hide your clutter, look for a chest bench that has a hinged lid or flip top. If easy access to your belongings is most important, then a shelf or cubby bench with exposed storage is the right choice for you. 


Accent Benches

Mainly used as decorative pieces, accent benches come in multiple shapes, sizes, and upholstered details. If you need to fill a blank wall or floor space, this style is an easy solution. Accent benches can also act as additional seating, a place to rest books or throws, or add character that enforces your décor style.


Lounge Benches

A substitute for a larger sofa, this type of bench creates comfortable seating without taking up much space. Lighter than most sofas, lounge benches are often interchangeable with chaise lounge chairs. They are most often used in a living room or bedroom. 


Entryway Benches

Sometimes made of wood, sometimes upholstered, and available in every style under the sun, entryway benches typically have extra storage space for bags, shoes, or hats and gloves.  The biggest benefit of entryway benches is that they provide you and your guests a place to sit while removing footwear or jackets. 


Vanity Benches

Generally used in a bathroom or bedroom, vanity benches are also called vanity stools. This style is much smaller in size, built to seat just one person. They are designed to fit perfectly under a vanity table or bathroom counter. 

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