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Bed Pillow Buying Guide

Bed Pillows

Choosing the right bed pillow is important to make sure you get a healthy, restful night of sleep. Use this guide to help you find the perfect pillow.

Pillow Size

Standard Pillow: 20 x 26. One pillow for a twin bed, two for a full or queen size bed and three across a king sized bed.

Queen Pillow: 20 x 30. Fit perfectly with two across a full or queen size bed. Slightly larger and more full than a standard pillow.

King Pillow: 20 x 36. These pillows are extra long and require a king size pillowcase. They fit perfectly with two across a king or California king size bed.

European Pillow: 20 x 54. These large, square sized pillows can be covered with a European sham and used as a decorative accent.

Body Pillow: 20 x 54. This full-length pillow follows the natural contour and shape of your body. A good choice for side sleepers and expectant mothers. 

Filling / Pillow Type

Natural Fill Pillow: These pillows are filled with pure down, feathers, or a combination of the two. These fibers are best for conforming to your head and neck. Fill details should be listed in product information. The higher the fill power, the more loft the pillow will have, providing more support and durability. Some natural pillows are available as "allergy free." These have been sanitized and treated of impurities that typically affect allergy suffers. Note that natural-filled pillows usually last five to seven years.
Memory Foam Pillow: These pillows are typically made of rubber latex and have a dense, sponge-like feeling. They mold around the head and neck for proper support and are ideal for those suffering with neck or back issues. They are best for sleepers who prefer a firm pillow. Memory foam pillows are also hypoallergenic.
Synthetic Fill Pillow: These pillows are often filled with polyester fibers that simulate down filling. Typically hypo-allergenic, these pillows are a less expensive alternative to down or feather pillows but will not conform as well to your head and neck. These pillows have an average lifespan of two to three years so they will need to be replaced more frequently than natural fill pillows.
Poly Cluster Fill Pillow: Another type of synthetic fill pillows is poly cluster fill.  This kind of pillow features polyester clusterse that have been treated with silicone to feel and move similarly to down fibers. These pillows are more affordable than true down but still provide softness. They are ideal for allergy suffers who need a synthetic pillow and want more down-like comfort.

Support and Sleeping Positions

Side Sleeper Pillow

An ideal pillow for a side sleeper cradles the head and neck keeping your back and spine aligned. Look for a pillow with a gusset (an insert sewn along the seam adding height) to help provide an even sleeping surface and keep your body in a horizontal line. 

Back Sleeper Pillow

A good medium support/fill pillow will support the natural curvature of the upper spine and prevent your head from tilting back too far. 

Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Stomach sleepers need a flat, soft pillow to prevent the head from tilting upward and ensure the neck isn't turned unnaturally to either side when sleeping. 

Protect your perfect new pillow from dust mites and stains with a pillow protector that will extend the life of your pillow. They are inexpensive and can be thrown in the washing machine. 

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