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Bath Towel Buying Guide


Bath Towel Sizes

TowelApproximate SizeDescription
Washcloth13" x 13"This small square towel is used in and outside the shower or bath to wash hands, body, and face.
Hand Towel16" x 30" Used to dry your hands after washing, this towel is an everyday staple.
Bath Towel27" x 52"This is the standard size towel used for drying after the shower or bath.
Bath Sheet35" x 60"Also used for drying after a bath or shower, this oversized towel is ideal for those that prefer more coverage.
Tub Mat27" x 52"This thick and highly absorbent towel is placed on the floor outside the shower or tub and helps prevent slipping by protecting the floor from getting wet.

Bath Towel Materials

A towel's durability, feel, and ability to retain its color are largely due to the type of fibers used to produce the towel. We run through the most common towel materials.
Pima Cotton: Considered a superior blend of cotton, Pima towels are light and fluffy due to the rich, extra-long staple fibers. Pima cotton is known for its absorbency and strength.
Egyptian Cotton: Extremely durable and light and fluffy to the touch, Egyptian cotton also has extra-long fibers that give towels more density and absorbency.
MicroCotton®: This trademarked cotton is known for its high-quality long staple fibers. It boasts excellent absorbency and a fluffy feel.
Turkish Cotton: This premium, extra-long staple cotton tends to have longer loops that make the towel heavier and more substantial. Turkish cotton towels are highly absorbent and soft.
Bamboo: Most often blended with cotton, bamboo towels are lush, soft, and retain color well. Bamboo plants are naturally anti-bacterial and their fibers are super absorbent.

Microfiber: These towels are a blend of polyester and polyamide fibers. It is a very absorbent material and has trends to dry quicker than 100% cotton towels. 
Always wash your towels before using them for the first time! This will improve absorbency and help set the color to extend the lifetime of your towels. 

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