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Baby Nursery Room Layouts

Baby Nursery
Even though baby decor and furniture is adorable, function should trump style when deciding on a layout for your nursery. When you're up in the middle of the night for diaper changes and late-night feedings, you'll want the design of the room to be as practical as possible and have natural flow. We've outlined four different baby nursery layouts to get you started. 
Nursery Layout

Layout 1:

In this layout, the crib is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. You'll notice the crib is placed away from the window to keep the baby distant from any cold drafts and safe from hanging blinds or curtain cords. The changing table and dresser should be placed next to each other for easy access. In this simple layout, a glider or chair can be placed between the crib and the changing table or to the left of the door when you walk in the room.
Nursery Layout

Layout 2:

This unique layout features a kitty-corner crib ideal for larger rooms or to display an ornately detailed crib. The necessary furniture, such as the dresser, changing table, and glider, remains within close proximity to each other. With an open corner behind the crib items, such as blankets and toys, can easily be dropped behind the crib. 
Nursery Layout

Layout 3:

This layout is great for a shared kids' space or converted guest bedroom. Neccesary furniture, such as the crib, glider, and changing table, are all there. The majority of clothes are kept in the closet, leaving room for a daybed or twin bed in the corner. 
Nursery Layout

Layout 4:

If twins are in your future, consider arranging the cribs extending outward from the wall instead of placing them horizontally side by side. This allows the babies to see each other better and offers a more visually interesting arrangement. 
For stability and safety, make sure furniture in nurseries and kids' rooms are anchored to the wall or secured with furniture straps. 

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