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Air Purifiers Guide

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Revitalize the air quality in your home with an air purifier for every space. Whether you need better air quality for asthma, allergies, or cleanliness, make sure you get the most out ​of your air purifier by selecting the right size and type for your needs. Read on below for more information on air purifiers and air filters.
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Most air purifiers are easily portable, however there are varying styles of purifiers depending on your space. Mini purifiers are for specific uses, such as in front of a car vent or on a desk workspace. Personal purifiers are used for small areas within a room, or small spaces like a nursery. The most common style, portable purifiers, come in several sizes explained below. 

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Room Size

Air purifiers come in three main sizes with additional options for specific square footage in between. Measure your space to determine what size air purifier you need, and evaluate what areas of your home you want air filters to be placed in. Search for an air filter by the size of your space first, and then determine what features you might need next. 

  1. Up to 499 sqft. – Bedroom / Small Spaces
  2. 500-999 sqft. – Main living areas
  3. Greater than1000 sqft. – Lofts / Great rooms / Commercial

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Dual-purpose air purifiers and humidifiers do double duty by purifying the air and circulating clean, humidified air. Instead of traditional filter pads, the air is purified through rotating discs in water. This is especially beneficial in dry climates and during dry winter months. 

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HEPA Filters

These filters are guaranteed to capture 99.97% of airborne allergens from dust, pets, mold, and plants. HEPA filters adhere to certain efficiency standards that make them the highest performing type of filter, also commonly used for medical purposes. Non-HEPA filters are a more affordable option that will still help clean the air in your home from large particles and dust. But for the highest form of air purification for allergens, look for a HEPA filter. This type of filter can be used with a standard portable air filter and in central air units. 

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UV-C Light

In combination with a filter, a UV light kills airborne bacteria and viruses as the air passes through the filter. This is great feature during cold and flu season that will help reduce the germs in your home. ​

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There are four main types of air purification technology: mechanical filtering, ion generators, electrostatic air cleaners, and hybrid systems. All of these types focus on cleaning the air by reducing any pollution, fumes, pollen, smoke, and dust particules. 

Air Change/Efficiency Rate (ACH)
The ACH refers to how many times an air purifier unit can clean an entire room's air in one hour. The highest ACH rate available is 6 ACH, which means the purifier completely cleans all the air in the room six times in one hour. A low rate, such as 2 ACH, means it cleans the room completely twice, or every 30 minutes. 

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
The CADR indicates how much and how fast the air is being filtered. This is especially important to keep in mind when deciding what type of air purifier you need for a certain size room or space. A CADR should be at least two-thirds of the room size, so a 120 square foot bedrrom would require at least a 80 CADR. 

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Regular vacuuming and dusting can extend the life of your air purifier's filter, which should be replaced every few months according to manufacturer instructions.