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Accent Wall Mirror Style Guide

Accent wall mirrors are available in many styles and shapes. Before you pick out a mirror, decide how you'd like it to function in your space. Then choose a style that will complement your existing décor. Here are a few ways accent mirrors can add to your décor:

  • To help make a space feel bigger
  • Utilize an empty wall space
  • To brighten a dark space
  • Pair with art work on a gallery-styled wall
  • For viewing purposes only 

With so many different styles available you may be unsure which one will be best for your home. We've come up with a list of styles to consider to help you decide.

Popular Accent Wall Mirror Styles

Frameless Mirror

Frameless Mirrors

An understated style, frameless mirrors are pieces of mirrored glass that don't have a border or frame. Compared to other mirrors, it's common to see smaller sizes or geometric shapes in frameless options. This design provides enless decorating options as it's available in simple and detailed silhouettes. 
Try it Here: Surround a single mirror with intricate art work in a bedroom, living room, or study. Mixing in art work will enriches the space with color. 

sunburst mirrors

Sunburst Mirrors

Playful and sculptural, sunburst mirrors give a sophisticated, and sometimes whimsical look to a room. Used as a focal point, sunburst mirrors blend well with any decor style from traditional, to modern, to country.
Try it Here: A sunburst mirror above a bed is an unexpected and bold statement. Play down the rest of your bedroom accessories and let the mirror do all the work. 

vanity mirror

Vanity Mirror

The most common vanity mirror shape is rectangular. This classic, polished style is easy to surround with complementary accessories. Available framed or unframed, these functional mirrors vary in size, shape, and material. From large, wooden framed mirrors to small, round polished mirrors they are most often found in the bathroom. 
Try it Here: Paired or used alone, add a vanity mirror above a bathroom sink. It's clean, fuss-free look won't clash with the rest of your décor. 

circular mirror

Circular Mirror

Whether large or small, simple or ornate, circular mirrors provide visual appeal to any space. Specifically, a circular mirror can create well-balanced look when contrasted against the sharp angles of a desk, square or rectangular table, or fireplace.
Try it Here: Add an eye-catching circular mirror into your entryway or foyer décor. Its dynamic shape will instantly enhance the room's décor. 

venetian mirror

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors have an ornate design that is suprisingly versatile. The style features decorative edging along the frame, from the sweeping arches to the long lines. It will add a touch of glam, vintage, or elegance into your décor.  
Try it Here: Hang a Venetian mirror above an end table next to your bed. It will add a feminine touch to your space and create depth. 

Want a dramatic look? Make a statement by resting a framed, full-size floor mirror up against a living room, bedroom, or hallway wall (see above).

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