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Bondhus Corporation is located in Monticello, Minnesota - USA; about 40 minutes from Minneapolis. Bondhus employees are proud of their Company and the tools they make. The Ball, Hex, and Star Tip tools are made in their Monticello manufacturing facility, just across the street from the Mighty Mississippi River.

In 1964, John Bondhus began manufacturing the original “Balldriver®” ball end hex tool which he invented. Since that time, they have taken great pride in being the industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative, timesaving tools. They have built their business by providing Bondhus customers (professional tool users) with the highest quality products and customer support in the industry.

With some 70 competitors worldwide, no one seriously disputes the overwhelming dominance of Bondhus Corporation in the world of ball end hex tools. Bondhus tools turn up everywhere! They can be found in tool boxes around the globe, on every continent and in over 80 countries from Taiwan to Brazil and from Sweden to Japan. Machinists and automotive repair shops find them indispensable. Printing press operators use them in Singapore, South Dakota, and Saudi Arabia - so do dentists and the makers of artificial limbs. Bicycle repair kits everywhere contain some version of their tools. Jazz, rock, and pop musicians who play guitars also use Bondhus tools.

Bondhus manufactures the highest quality Ball End, Hex and Star tools available, and every tool is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. A warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it, and Bondhus has been the leading innovator in the Hex and Star tool industry for more than forty years.