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Birdola Products

Birdola® Products continues to be a leader by constantly creating innovative and healthy products for wildlife. Birdola® Products began experimenting with ways to create a block of seeds that would allow access to all the seeds for all the birds. They used a blend of wild birds' favorite seeds that would attract the widest variety of species possible. As their business as the originator of the cake-feeding system grew, Birdola® Products expanded the product line to include squirrel feed (Squirola®), a mix especially for finches and smaller songbirds, and today includes Safflower, Sunflower, Fruit & Nut and Woodpecker cakes, as well as KOB and Big Ol' KOB for squirrels. Working with a nutritional lab Birdola® Products began to add vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to make Birdola® a more complete meal for wild birds. These additions help strengthen immune systems and enhance natural coloring. An all-around healthier bird is less likely to contract one of the avian diseases currently afflicting wild bird populations. These include salmonella, e. coli, avian pox, and others.

Birdola Products

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