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Beverly Hills Polo Club is an internationally registered trademark identified with quality and status in the apparel industry. Beverly Hills Polo Club was originally conceived in the United States as a novelty logo silk screened on basic sweats. Because of the tremendous response from consumers and the retailing community, it has developed into a fashion line. Today Beverly Hills Polo Club has become an attitude and a lifestyle. It embodies the lifestyle of California sunshine that everyone thinks of when they see the words "Beverly Hills". It puts the word "fun" back into fashion. Beverly Hills Polo Club is dynamic - it evolves and changes with the market. It has become a name in which the customer identifies with quality and uniqueness. It is a trademark that the retail sector equates with stability and success. It has overcome the short term nature of trendy logos and has established itself as a fashion statement of the future. "Beverly Hills" is one of the ten most recognized names in the world. It is only a handful of words that, when spoken in any language, needs no translation. Beverly Hills Polo Club generates a bit of status in its apparel in a fun kind of way. It makes the customer who wears the clothing feel good about themselves. It gives a sense of belonging to too a real club. In fact, 70% of the potential customers surveyed in the United States feel that there really is a BEVERLY HILLS POLO CLUB. They feel that somewhere in the estates of Beverly Hills, there are polo players riding around playing chukkers for fun.

Beverly Hills Polo Club