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Bellissimo! Hand Painted Gifts and Collectibles. Unique. Upscale. Unparalleled. The premier hand painted glassware company in America, Bellissimo! has created a sassy and sophisticated collection of individually signed gifts, each one-of-a-kind piece takes five days to complete. The result is a showpiece brimming with flair, fun and function! Prepare to be thrilled with an amazing array of 1000 exquisitely hand painted items. All are affordably priced and make the perfect gift for every theme, occasion and celebration. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Bellissimo offers 50 dazzling designs hand painted onto stemware, barware, picture frames, plates, candle holders, ornaments, and unique in all the world, hand painted golf balls! A leader in the world of glassware designers, Bellissimo's jubilant designs are inspired by the vibrant colors that surround their South Florida studio. We love working with glass, it is a sparkling multi-dimensional medium of ageless beauty. While creating designs, the glass piece is continually turned and viewed from every conceivable angle in order to bring the 360 degree designs alive when combined with the brilliance of the light that passes through. The design choices of Bellissimo! Running the gamut from contemporary to whimsical and sophisticated to humorous, the 50 dazzling designs created by Bellissimo! provide tantalizing excitement for every taste. Look for artistic elements with lavish color splashed throughout. Glistening glass exquisitely adorned with surprises at every turn combined with saturated shots of color certain to amuse and delight. No longer does glassware have to be nondescript and relegated to the category of boring. This lively collection becomes an instant focal point at any gathering, be it a large group or cocktails for two. There is no need for elaborate decorations to get people into a party mood. Just set out a mixture of these wonderful designs hand painted onto a variety of glasses and the stage is set for a joyful evening with friends. The process of creation takes time. The Five Day Process begins with the hand painting of each item in the time-intensive manner of applying multi-layers of color, with individual curing times required between coats. To insure durability, intense heat is applied during the two step firing process, followed by hours of gradual cooling in a tightly controlled environment. Stemware is then uniquely embellished with a hand painted Bellissimo! Signature Glass Gem. Lastly, e very piece is signed, assuring it's authenticity. Loving care. In this hustle-bustle world of fast foods and plastic cups, take the time for quality. By spending the extra moment it takes to hand wash these heirlooms of tomorrow, you will be rewarded with many years of enjoyment. Hand painted beauty. The integral part of the beauty of Bellissimo! hand painted items is that no two pieces are ever exactly alike. While carefully recreating the artistic elements of a particular design, each piece is created by the hand of one of our talented artists. Therefore, the product you receive may differ slightly from the photograph.


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