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Beetling Design, created by Kristy Ilic in 2006, is the evolution of an artistic impulse to redecorate her kids’ rooms into something fun and whimsical. Not satisfied with simply painting the space or applying one-dimensional cutouts, Kristy wanted things to literally pop out from her kids' bedroom walls, transforming the room into a spellbinding adventure. Having no luck finding anything at retail outlets, Kristy embarked on the laborious task of designing and building Paper Maché caricatures that would attach to the walls. After dealing with several gallons of glue and countless newspaper clippings, Kristy could not help but think there must be a better way, and, if there was – what a business concept it could be. Following extensive research, she discovered a fascinating, foam-based material used in the film industry for set designs, and instantly knew she was onto something special. With this cutting edge material Kristy could capture an untapped market -- creating 3D art that was eye-catching, easy to assemble and lightweight, while adding instant flair to any room.

Beetling Design