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Bedbug is an industry leader in manufacturing technologically advanced, entomologist tested, recommended and highly effective mattress, pillow, luggage and other bed bug protective encasement products. Their encasements are endorsed by the ASA - American Sleep Association.

Bedbug products are eco-friendly and chemical-free, and their patent-pending Zip Tech protection creates an impenetrable barrier against bedbugs, dust mites and other allergy triggers, including molds and pet dander. Make Bedbug mattress and pillow encasements part of your overall prevention solution!

Bed bug mattress and pillow covers serve two primary purposes:

1.They keep any bed bugs hiding inside your mattress or box spring sealed in. This prevents them from biting you or hiding somewhere else. 2.Bed bug mattress covers also prevent any more bed bugs from infesting your mattress or box spring.

Bedbug's innovative technology uses a woven, non-vinyl laminate that is breathable and lends a luxurious feel. It is not hot or noisy like many tough plastic encasements. It is a kind of sleeve that you slide your mattress into. Then you close the cover with a zipper or slide. This forms a bed bug proof enclosure. No bed bugs can get out of it, no bed bugs can get in it. And they can't bite you through it either. Bed bugs can live over a year without feeding. Sealed inside the encasements without any opportunity to feed, they will eventually die.