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Bebe Bottle Sling

Cherie Alexander decided that there must be a way to hold the bottle at the correct angle for the baby while ensuring that the common movements of the infant would not interfere with its use. Since she is an engineer, Cherie knew the best way to do it would be to suspend the bottle. This way the bottle would always remain or return to position in front of the baby's mouth and the baby could practice holding the bottle. She discovered that the product was handy to have for other times when Cherie needed an extra hand and every time she used it in public people would stop me to ask where she got it. So she thought she would develop products for herself. After several years of selling the original red bottle sling, she asked her customers what they would like to see different in the bottle sling. Everyone liked how it functioned but Cherie had some who said they wished it were in a different color while others wanted a different type of fabric. Other customer wanted it to be more toy-like. Within a few months the monkey bottle sling was created. Now there is a puppy and a kitten version as well as new colors for the monkey. Cherie really tries to listen to customer opinion and strives to continually make the product better. She welcome any suggestions for improvement.