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Beach Bocce Ball

We conceived of Beach Bocce as way to get family and friends together, away from the video games and distractions of our busy world. We wanted our game to evoke the beach lifestyle, a slower pace of things, and the ideal of putting fun back into the daily routine. Growing up in New Orleans, we've become accustomed to the gentler rhythms of life along the Gulf Coast. We enjoy our vacations at nearby hotspots like Pensacola Beach, Destin and Panama City. For both kids and grown-ups, these white sand beaches and emerald waters are a magical place. And it was on these beaches that we found the inspiration for Beach Bocce. Several years ago, a good friend of ours who lives in the seaside town of Grayton Beach let us in on his new daily ritual. He walked down to the beach for a cocktail and a friendly game of bocce every day around sunset. Our friend explained that traditional Italian bocce balls were too heavy for a trek to the beach, so he played with the French tools of the trade (the French version of bocce is called “petanque”). My wife and I were completely captivated by the game. The atmosphere, the simplicity and the charm of the whole scene was really an epiphany for us. We noted that the metallic petanque balls didn't hold up well in the salty, sunny air—they were rusting and losing their color. That's when we had our “light bulb” moment: Why not marry the portability of the French game with the durable construction of the Italian bocce ball? Naming our new creation was simple enough: Beach Bocce Ball. So there you have it: A game by the beach, of the beach and for the beach; a game influenced by the rich culture of New Orleans, a culture of food and drink, jazz music and relaxation. Today we have customers all over the world, happily unwinding from their days with the wonderful, vibrant game of Beach Bocce Ball.