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Featured Reviews
Cars and Motorcycles 15" Chevy Truck Wall Clock Cars and Motorcycles 15" Chevy Truck Wall Clock
 5 stars
Blue neon and a great looking Chevrolet Clock. Looks great.
- Tim in center

Cars and Motorcycles 15" Oldsmobile Service Wall Clock Cars and Motorcycles 15" Oldsmobile Service Wall Clock
 5 stars
I love this clock. Runs and looks beautiful. Thank you
- Tim in center

15" Gm Chevrolet Wall Clock 15" Gm Chevrolet Wall Clock
 5 stars
Very good quality. Bright yellow neon. Runs and looks great.
- Tim in center

Chevy Trucks Neon Sign Chevy Trucks Neon Sign
 5 stars
Love this sign! It was very well packed and will look great on our garage wall!
- Rick in center

Dream Garage 57 Chevy Neon Sign Dream Garage 57 Chevy Neon Sign
 5 stars
Very well packed and quite colorful. It will look great on our garage wall!
- Rick in center

Cars and Motorcycles Corvette C6 Neon Sign Cars and Motorcycles Corvette C6 Neon Sign
 5 stars
This sign looks fantastic on my garage wall! It arrived quickly and was securely packed
- Rick in center

Harley Davidson™ Skull Dart Board Harley Davidson™ Skull Dart Board
 5 stars
Coolest dart board I have ever seen. Nice Thick Board not cheap at all
- cynthia in center

Harley-Davidson™ Bar and Shield Harley-Davidson™ Bar and Shield
 5 stars
Great gift. My husband loves it. Beautifully crafted. Heavy but Im a girl.lol
- cynthia in center

Cars and Motorcycles 15" Genuine Chevrolet Wall Clock Cars and Motorcycles 15" Genuine Chevrolet Wall Clock
 5 stars
- Wanda in center

Corvette - C6 15" Double Neon Ring Logo Wall Clock Corvette - C6 15" Double Neon Ring Logo Wall Clock
 5 stars
Love the option of turning the neon on & off. He inner neon lights up the face.
- Geraldine in center

14" Corvette C6 Wall Clock 14" Corvette C6 Wall Clock
 5 stars
I got this clock as a gift for my father and he absolutely loves it! It has a pull chain for the blinking red light and a black cord to plug in for the inside light, if I remember correctly. The red
- Alexa in center

Chevrolet 14.75" Corvette Neon Wall Clock Chevrolet 14.75" Corvette Neon Wall Clock
 5 stars
Looks great in the man-cave! Easy assembly and good quality.
- Shirla in center

Cars and Motorcycles Pontiac Firebird Neon Sign Cars and Motorcycles Pontiac Firebird Neon Sign
 5 stars
This was a perfect gift for my husband! There was a broken piece when we received it, but the customer service person was wonderful and had a second one sent out right away. Color is amazing!
- Krysta in center

Cars and Motorcycles Chevy Vintage Ok Used Cars Neon Sign Cars and Motorcycles Chevy Vintage Ok Used Cars Neon Sign
 5 stars
I am very happy with the quality of this Cars and Motorcycles Chevy Vintage Ok Used Cars Neon Sign. Its working well for me.
- Glenn in center

Mercedes SLS Push Car Mercedes SLS Push Car
 5 stars
Ordered for grandson he likes this very much would recommend
- Sandra in center

United States Marine Corps Swivel Bar Stool United States Marine Corps Swivel Bar Stool
 5 stars
This was a gift for my Dad's 76th birthday, He likes it. Because of mobility issues , he sits on a stool to cook; he had been sitting on a wooden without a back. I felt this would be comfortable and
- Barbara in center

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