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American Gardenworks Inc.

American GardenWorks, Inc. is an American manufacturing company located in the state of Indiana. In 2008, American GardenWorks, Inc. was formed out of a company called The Whiskey Barrel Planters Co. Those who know about Whiskey Barrel would agree that they were a major player in the domestic Lawn & Garden Industry. Immediately after the purchase, the problems of the former Whiskey Barrel were addressed; this included different aspects of improving product quality and lead-time.

American GardenWorks, Inc. now continues on where the original Whiskey Barrel left off by creating a quality product at a competitive price with excellent service. There’s no waiting for a ship to come in to get products from American GardenWorks, Inc.; all of its steel comes from within close driving distance of the factory. A large amount of raw material and finished product inventory is always kept on hand. If you are in a pinch and need product or are tired of waiting to get product from an unworthy supplier, American GardenWorks, Inc. is a viable option.

When you order products from American GardenWorks, Inc. you get more than just a piece of iron or steel, you get the product of several years of industry knowledge. Keep your eyes on the new company that this has become. You will find that it’s a mix of true innovative talent mixed with years of distribution experience working to create one real market contender. Consider the product and the price: sometimes it’s not always the price, but what’s behind the steel that counts.

American GardenWorks, Inc. has invested in additional processes to create better products. A recent addition is a chemical conversion coating process prior to powder coating. This process creates a chemical barrier between the metal substrate and the finish, it also aids in surface hardness and corrosion protection. This technology is more commonly known for being used in the auto industry, with their high standards.