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Once upon a time there lived a little prince and princess, who were very unhappy with their drab, unstylish clothing. They only had dull onesies, scratchy blankets, and dreary play clothes. The children felt very unhip, and wished and wished for something better.

Finally, one bright morning, their fairy godmother appeared with gifts – packages marked only with the mysterious word “Ambajam”. The children tore through the wrapping, and inside discovered the most glorious clothing and accessories. The items were an imaginative rainbow of colors, designs, and textures. Quality onesies with happy animals dancing across the front. Plush, tactile quilts for playtime and napping. Whimsical every day t-shirts that were anything but everyday.

It was all functional, fashionable, and very hip! And the prince and princess and their parents could rest easy knowing that everything was easy to care for and got better with age. Needless to say, they lived happily ever after!