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Initially Alphason Designs produced a range of specialist audio products mainly consisting of turntables, turntable tonearms and loudspeakers. Designed to satisfy the requirements of the most discerning audiophile, these products soon created a strong following for the company amongst audio specialists. This following culminated in the launch of the 'Symphony' turntable which received glowing acclaim in the international press. The 'Symphony' turntable still enjoys that acclaim and has achieved almost cult status amongst the audio fraternity. Similarly the HR-100S tonearm was considered to be one of the worlds' finest.

Alphason Designs' considerable experience in designing high performance audiophile products made the company realise there was a glaring need for quality audio furniture designed to ensure that the audio system is allowed to perform to its maximum potential.

To perform at its best, hi-fi requires a support system that is stable and free of external vibrations. Meeting this requirement Alphason Designs launched a new concept range of audio furniture and loudspeaker stands, manufactured to a standard hitherto unavailable.

Alphason Designs