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Allnat Wholesale Furniture provide furniture retailers with quality products in the United States. Many stores have already chosen Allnat Furniture as their main supplier for the quality of our products and our professionalism. Not only do we provide quality furniture, but we also make sure every customer receives all the attention he needs to run his business and satisfy his own customers.

Allnat Furniture is growing fast all over the world and our objective is to become the number one worldwide furniture wholesaler. To achieve this goal, we invested in designers, factories and qualified workforce to make sure every product meets the quality standards of our clients.

We have our own pool of factories and designers, and this allows us to offer you services and advantages nobody else can. Firstly, we offer you prices furniture wholesalers cannot compete with. Secondly, our factories and designers can manufacture custom-made furniture, based on pictures and details such as dimensions and materials. That means that we can make the furniture you regurlarly purchase from other suppliers at a higher price, and offer you a factory price and options you did not have before.

Manufacturing and shipping custom-made furniture has always been a challenge nobody has ever been willing to accept. We accepted it. And we turned to logistics specialists to make sure you receive your orders intact as soon as possible. And we are proud to state that we ship as fast as regular suppliers ship standard in-stock products.

Unbeatable prices, quality products and flawless logistics is what we do, because it is what you need.

Allnat Furniture