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Rush Hampton has been an innovator in the research, development and manufacture of products to improve the indoor environment since 1971. Beginning with the CA90 Ecologizer air cleaner – the first portable air treatment product available in the retail market – their company’s dedication to making the home environment cleaner and healthier extends to our common home: the Earth.
Rush Hampton's product development process consists of intensive research in the industry’s most advanced laboratory and testing facilities. They constructed environmental chambers equipped with scientific instrumentation for studying and modeling indoor air pollution, and a three-story passively heated solar home outfitted with a complete pollution research laboratory. Rush Hampton's large staff of scientists and engineers allows them to lead in technology, as well as in the development, evaluation and writing of testing standards used throughout the industry.
Discover how Fresh ‘n Series products make it easy and economical for you to enjoy fresh water, fresh air and fresh food while being ecologically friendly. When you do what’s healthy for the environment, you also do what’s healthy for you!

Fresh n Brew Chlorine Remover Replacement Filters ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Removes bitter chlorine taste from tap water
  • Enhances the taste of coffee
  • Can be used in Cuisinart®, Keurig®, Kitchen Aid® and other leading brand coffee makers
  • Product Type: Coffee maker replacement filter
Fresh n Brew Coffee Replacement Filters uses an activated water filtration system to actively scavenge chlorine from your water. Drop into coffee maker water...

Fresh n Brew Chlorine Remover Replacement Filters

by Rush Hampton

$5.99 $7.99

Fresh'n Crisp Produce Extender (Set of 4) ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Extends produce life by 50 to 100%
  • Tested and confirmed by a 3rd party Laboratory (Intertek Labs)
  • Works for approximately 90 days
  • Place in crisper drawers, bags or sealed containers
Fresh'n Crisp absorbs and neutralizes the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables naturally produce as they ripen. This revolutionary product dramatically extends...

Fresh'n Crisp Produce Extender (Set of 4)

by Rush Hampton

$15.96 $84.00

Fresh'n Brew Chlorine Remover ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Better tasting coffee for up to 90 days, no harsh bitter taste
  • Patented, rapid de-chlorinator removes chlorine from tap water used in Automatic Drip or Kcup coffee makers
Better Tasting Water = Better Tasting Coffee!Why use Fresh' Brew? Coffee Shop coffee tastes great because they filter the water to remove offensive odors and taste...

Fresh'n Brew Chlorine Remover

by Rush Hampton


Fresh n Brew2 Single Cup Brewer De-Scaler ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Removes scale build-up from your single cup brewer
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No more vinegar washes
  • Safe and non-toxic
Fresh n Brew2 Single Cup Brewer De-Scaler is laboratory proven to remove scale build up in single cup coffee brewers. Keeps brewer working like new. No more vinegar...

Fresh n Brew2 Single Cup Brewer De-Scaler

by Rush Hampton


Fresh'n Fridge Refrigerator / Freezer Deodorizer (Set of 4) ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Laboratory proven to work better than ‘Baking Soda'
  • Independent laboratory tested by Florida's largest university (University of Central Florida, Department of Chemistry)
Lab Proven to Work 95% better than Baking Soda for Controlling Odors!Fresh'n Fridge uses an exclusive, laboratory-proven process to eliminate odors in the...

Fresh'n Fridge Refrigerator / Freezer Deodorizer (Set of 4)

by Rush Hampton

$35.80 $102.92