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The foundations of Artifort were laid by Jules Wagemans. He set up business as an upholsterer in Maastricht in 1890. The name Artifort is derived from the Latin word ‘ars’ meaning art or knowledge, and ‘fortis’ meaning strong or powerful. The word ‘comfort’ is also reflected in this brand name. With big name designers such as Geoffrey Harcourt, Patrick Norguet, Kho Liang Ie and the French designer Pierre Paulin, many new techniques and constructions were introduced and great furniture designs became icons throughout the world. By the 1960's, internationally, the furniture seemed to be very much in demand, which resulted in enormous sales growth which has continued to boom to this day. Innovation remains the key factor to all of Artifort's designs; captivating to the eye and functional design play key roles in all of their most prized designs.


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