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3M has a history of investing in the communities in which they operate by providing jobs for local residents and supporting education, the environment, and social and economic development. 3M is also recognized as a leader in environmental protection and a pioneer in pollution prevention.

Consistently being on the technological forefront and aggressively developing new products ranging the gamut from pharmaceuticals to office products make 3M an industry leader. Though their best known products include Post-it® Notes and the Scotch® line of adhesives and protectants, they have continually developed new and cutting-edge products.


  Ipod/Mp3 Player Accessories
  Bug & Pest Control
  Dog Waste Scoops, Bags, And Training Pads
  Picture & Memory Albums
  TV Mounts
  Small Animal Cage And Habitat Accessories
  Keyboard Trays
  Home Diagnostics
  Binocular Accessories
   Cat Litter Box Accessories (1)
  Cups & Accessories
   First Aid Supplies (1)
   Hooks (3)
  Brooms and Sweepers
  Laminators & Accessories
   Face Masks (1)    Adhesive Film (1)    Tapes (11)
  Filing Accessories
   Dust Mops, Dusters & Dustpans (1)
  Page Flags
  Lint Rollers
   Restroom Supplies (1)
  Self-Stick Pad Dispensers
  Craft Supplies
  Self-Stick Pads
  Board Accessories
   Mouse Pads & Wrist Rests (7)
  File Folders
  Board Erasers
   Vacuum Accessories (1)
  Cleaning Brushes
   Cleaning Chemicals (7)
  Monitor Filters
   Drawer Organizers (1)
  File Boxes
  Adhesive Putty
  Pocket Protectors
   Keyboard Drawers/Platforms (1)
   Mounting Tape (6)
  Specialty Paper
   Tape Dispensers (2)    Desktop Organizers (1)
  Cleaning Wipes
   Mats (2)    Abrasives (3)
  Welding Accessories & Parts
   Mailing Supplies (1)
  Orthopedic Aids
  Ear Protection
  Eye Protection
  Gloves / Mittens
  Screen Accessories
  Caulking Guns
  Air & Gas Hoses
  Anti Rust
  Cleaning Tools
   Tape (4)    Batteries And Chargers (1)
   General Equipment (2)
  Computer Mounts
  Easel And Chart Pad
  Teacher Resources
  Water Filtration
  Shipping Boxes
  Bath Accessories
  Welding Protective Gear
  Inspection Tools
  Tech Cleaning Products
  Paint & Detailing Tools
  Body Repair Tools
  Auto Shop Tools & Accessories
  Cable Accessories
  Brake Maintenance
  Pneumatics Parts, Accessories & Kits
   Laundry Accessories (1)
  Drop Cloths
   Craft Scissors & Blades (2)
  Organizer Systems
   Bulletin Boards, Whiteboards, Chalkboards (2)
  Mattress Covers and Protectors
  Water Filter Pitchers
   Slipcovers (1)    Mops & Mop Accessories (1)
  Air Treatment
   Ergonomic Accessories (2)
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